Personalizable Stamped Squirrel Metal Wire Paper Clip Bookmark

Personalized wire bookmark, squirrel, paper clip, gift for booklover, notebook accessories, clip-style bookmark, party favors, Custom gift

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An original bookmark for a book, sketchbook, notepad, glider, travel book, diary or music book. Good idea for party favors. A gift to a friend, colleague, teacher, boss, book lover, student, classmate, child. The bookmark is a universal gift that can be given to both a man and a woman, both a school student and a senior citizen.
The item is hand made of copper wire by soldering. Metal is forged and polished.

The clip-bookmark is attached to the pages, so it does not fall out of the book if it is accidentally opened. It's pretty thin, so it doesn't harm the pages.

Size: 5.5 x 5.5 cm

If you wish, I can add text to the bookmark (up to 20 characters). It can be initials, names, a date, or a short phrase.

Your text will be stamped on a spiral (as shown in the photo)

Please type your phrase exactly how you want it(can contain letters, numbers, dots, &). I will stamp your phrase exactly as typed. I cannot be held responsible if the message was typed incorrectly.

If you would like to order several bookmarks with different text, you can specify it this way:
2 .............
3 .............

NOTE: The font consists of capital letters only, the size of the characters is 1 MILLIMETER. The text is stamped on one side only. You can see an example in the photo.

Please note that these bookmarks are hand stamped, meaning that I stamp each letter one at a time. The process is very different from traditional engraving, which carves a light groove into the metal. Stamping is a more forceful technique, where each individual letter, number and symbol is stamped by hand, one at a time with a hammer and steel stamp. This is much deeper than engraving.

Avoid the mechanical affecting on your bookmark, don't bend it.


All my bookmarks are sent in a gift package, ready for easy giving.


Your order will be shipped within 4-7 business days after payment is received. Parcel delivery to Europe usually takes 2-3 weeks, and 10-15 business days to the USA. DURING A PANDEMIC AND IN THE PRE-HOLIDAY PERIOD DELIVERY TIMES MAY INCREASE. After sending, i'll provide the tracking number and you will be able to track all the movements of the parcel.

Please be aware that your country may charge customs fees/VAT & additional handling fees for processing. You are responsible for these fees when the package arrives to your country. I have no way of foreseeing or prepaying this.

Please, contact me in case there are any questions about payment or shipment. Thank you for stopping by!